Dapto Foot Clinic have set out to create a podiatry clinic that would raise the standards of podiatry services in Dapto and Illawarra region.

A little introduction

All feet matter

Foot aches and pains often sit with us for so long that we begin to think they are normal. An uncomfortable toe nail, heel pain in the mornings, that annoying hard skin. These are all things that we often ignore because the world moves fast and we don’t have time. Paying attention to your feet could spark improvements in the most surprising aspects of your life!

Our patients’ overall wellbeing is at the heart of our approach. We take into account your wider health, lifestyle and sporting activities. Patients of all ages and from all walks of life are welcome at our clinic and we offer the full range of podiatry services, from ingrown toe-nail removal to orthotic prescription and provision. Our aim is to help you reduce your pain and return to achieving your goals as quickly as possible.

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Meet our team

Our team are highly qualified and committed to building their skills and expertise to remain at the forefront of available techniques and treatments. This enables their patients to consistently achieve the best possible outcomes.

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