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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

The foot and lower leg are among the most commonly injured area of the body when it comes to running and sport.

Sports injury rehabilitation is a key part of Dapto Foot Clinic. We understand it is frustrating when an injury is holding you back from achieving your best performance. We can help with a treatment and rehabilitation plan to get you back out there… And let’s not forget prevention so that you aren’t back in to see us too soon!

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Frequently asked questions about Sports injury rehab

How can I prevent injuries to my ankle while I play sport?

Ankle sprains and injuries are perhaps the most common sporting injury we see. Footwear that is appropriate for both your selected sport AND your foot type. Strapping techniques and ankle braces can also be used in the short term but an ankle rehabilitation and strengthening program can prevent injuries from reoccurring in the future. And let’s not forget, a thorough warm-up and cool-down is also very important!

How long should I warm up for before I play sport / exercise?

This will depend on the specific activity you are engaging in and your fitness level. As a minimum, you should take 5 minutes to activate and engage the muscle groups you will be using. You should also take time to elevate your heart rate and prepare your cardiovascular system.

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